The “Dr. Schwarz Management & Technology” supports you operationally and consultatively.

The competencies relate to the plastic product and the associated process technology and the associated plant and machinery including equipment evaluation:

Competence (1)

  • Plant construction / engineering
  • Plastics production / processing; process engineering
  • Chemical / Polymer Production / polycondensation
  • Extensive expertise in the fields of polyester (PET, PBT, etc.) and polyamides end products including
  • End products: textiles, filament, fibre, film, compounds / refining, eng. plastics masterbatch
  • Extrusion, compounding, spinning
  • Entire value chain / total solution
  • Recycling (Fibre to Fibre, Bottle-to-Bottle, Bottle-to-Fibre, Fibre to Eng. Plastics Bottle to Eng. Plastics’ Bottle-to-Film)
  • Polyester packaging
  • Twin screw extrusion, multi screw extrusion
  • Drying
  • Infrared technology
  • Radiation drying

Competence (2)

  • Feasibility Studies: From the perspective of the producers
  • Feasibility Studies: For developments (product, process)
  • Patent Strategies, Patent elaborations
  • Business Planning / Marketing Strategies
  • Sales Strategies & Innovation Management
  • Support of R & D activities / Engineering / Sales
  • Engineering, construction, metal processing

Competence (3)

  • Extensive know-how to structure formation process of the polymer in the fibre, film, bottle, compound / eng. plastic manufacturing
  • Chemical and technical processes influencing the structure formation process.
  • Polymer modification / additives (throughput improvements, adjustment of final product properties)
  • Relationship polymer structure-end properties
  • Preparation of defined polymer structures for defined end product characteristics
  • Influence of polymer quality on the final product qualities / characteristics and yields
  • Material optimization, formulation development
  • Optimization of spin performance / factors influencing spin performance

Competence (4)

  • Technical yarn HMLS, filament, staple fibre, high-speed spinning, film (bi-oriented, cast), bottles
  • Non wovens (Mono, Bico)
  • More flexible processes for PET-large scale plants/inline-processes
  • Carrying out analytical and special analytical studies including analysis of input, intermediate and final products
  • All PET / co-PET / PBT and PA analysis
  • Viscose
  • Cellulose
  • Food
  • Quality assurance / quality control online
  • Development of innovations
  • Technology-marketing/ – management
  • Trouble shooting, failure analysis on the construction site
  • Six Sigma
  • Training

Technology/ staff development:

Partner: In special areas of technology and in the staff development, we
cooperate with reputable experts and business partners, according to the requirements.

For inquiries and detailed information we are always at your disposal.